Friday, April 17, 2009

Teacher-Based Teacher Webpages

In the article, "Teacher-Based Teacher Webpages," Steven Moskowitz explains how at his school, all of the teachers took a survey based on technology. The survey asked various questions such as how they felt about technology, how proficient they were with technology, whether they were inclined in learning to use technology, etc.
In effect, he learned that many teachers from his school showed an interest in learning more about technology. Furthermore, their school discovered that the computers were being under used because of a lack of technological skills from the teachers. In order to address this problem, their school decided to start a year program that would teach them how to use technology. The idea behind this program, was to make the teachers feel more comfortable with the idea of using technology in their classrooms. After training, the school created their own website which enabled teachers to assign homework online, post test results, send out newsletters to the parents, etc.
I feel that this is a wonderful idea because many teachers from older generations haven't been exposed to technology very much. When new teachers come join the school, they are usually equipped with more technological skills and are able to incorporate more into their classrooms. By training all of the teachers to know how to use and feel comfortable with computers, their school is doing everything possible to give their students the best education.

1. Will training older teachers about technology become a requirement for all teachers in the future? I don't think that this will become a requirement because teachers who have already finished school, shouldn't be forced to go back to school to keep their job.

2. Will all schools in the future incorporate technology in their classrooms? Yes, because teaching new teachers about technology is already a requirement.

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  1. that is so great that they were able to do that for the teachers. it makes all the difference to be able to use technology. it is incredible that none of the teachers knew how to use the computers to there benefit. i'm glad that they were able to have someone come out and help them learn how to use the computers. this must of been a huge help for the teachers.