Friday, March 13, 2009

No Longer a Year Behind

In the article, "No Longer a Year Behind," Valerie Stokes discusses how beneficial it is if schools adopt the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) program. This program allows schools to test their students as many as four times a year in different areas. Rather than consisting of a written test that the students have to fill out, this test is a computer generated test. Students who take the test are asked questions that are at a lower level. Then, as the student answers questions, the computer generates questions that are easier or harder, depending on their level. This allows the results to record the true level of the student based on their abilities.
The teachers are then able to use the results to determine where the student needs more attention and aid. The computer results can precisely determine what areas the student is behind and where the student is excelling. Furthermore, the school can use this data by looking at the accumulation of all the test results to discover what weaknesses and strengths the school has as a team. The testing results will determine what areas the school needs to pull more resources in to better meet the standards.

1. How many schools use the MAP program? I would assume that only a few schools use this program, but I feel that its usage will increase over time.

2. How effectively does the computer generate the appropriate test for each student? The computer generates fairly accurate results. It has the ability to narrow down a student's level more accurately than a written test.
I feel that this is an excellent program because it closely monitors students and what they have learned. It is an ongoing assessment that serves as a tool to better enhance the learning experience for the children and the school has a whole.


  1. Very interesting article as I had no clue that these types of tests exist! I think this is an awesome way to test one's strengths and weaknesses. With written tests, you are limited to only the number of questions that were printed and pertaining to only the grade level you should be at. I also find it more intriguing to take a test on a computer rather than the usual scantron and a pencil. I really like this idea of the (MAP) program and am very curious as to how many schools have adopted it now!

  2. that is great that they are able to test the kids using the computer. this makes it easier for the teachers to grade there results. and that grading will help determine what the students will need to do better in school. it is always great when you can help children do better. even though most kids are tried of always being tested, at least there is a way to find out what we can do to make them succeed.

  3. I like this idea - because not all students are paper and pencil test taskers - thsi might aise some students and create a better assesment setting. I like the idea thatassesment program varies the levels of the question depending on the students, this way you get an individualized score so you can tell you exactly were each student stands - now what paper and pencil test do you know of that can do that? Sounds like a great program. good job!