Friday, March 6, 2009

Scaffolding for Struggling Students

In "Scaffolding for Struggling Students, " Sara Kajder and Glen Bull discuss how students are becoming less inclined on reading. With the way that most classrooms are becoming geared towards testing, reading has become a chore rather than an enjoyable activity. By making reading a tedious and boring experience, students are being turned away from the notion that it can be a pleasant experience.
The authors discuss how after graduation, most students will never pick up a book again. This is a very depressing thought because even though a person's formal education has ended, a person's education should never cease. By continuing reading throughout one's life, a person is able to grow and learn continuously.
Poetry slams were more popular in previous decades and brought social groups together to share their writing and thoughts. This was a wonderful idea because it allowed people to discover their inner creativity and associate pleasure with reading. Without having an outlet such as poetry gatherings, people may never experience reading in a different light. If one is to judge reading based off of just what they know from school, they may very well never want to pick up a book after graduation.
Nowadays, a new reading phenomenon has risen in the form of blogging. Blogging allows people to write about anything and everything that they find interesting and worthy to share with others. Technology has opened up a new outlet for people to come together by reading and writing about common interests. By encouraging students to become active bloggers, you are encouraging them to find joy in reading!

1. Will teachers assign blogging as homework in the future? I feel that high school teachers may assign blogging as homework in the future.

2. Will blogging sites encourage students to read more? Yes, because as they write their own blogs, they will be curious to read other blogs.


  1. Wow! Great way to engage students in reading and writing. It puts a twist on reading that seems more appealing and fun. For some reason, things seem more exciting with the use of technology. I think blogging is a great way to allow your students to share their responses and opinions pertaining to a certain text or subject matter while getting the opportunity to see what others think. With the use of blogging, you can make the pages fun and vibrant with pictures and images.After being introduced to the world of blogging in this course, I plan on incoporating blogging into my curriculum. I agree with you when you say that technology has opened a door for people to enjoy reading and writing!

  2. this is true. reading was more of a chore that i never wanted to do. but i have to say that most of the reading that we had to do in high school was not all that great. but it is true, having students be able to write back and froth in blogging is great. you have them write 2 to 3 paragraphs talking about what they have read and they have the opportunity to read other blogs and write people back. some times kids don't want to talk about it they rather write about. this way they have a way of expressing them selfs.

  3. What an eye-opener, I wouldn't have thought of blogging as a source of "reading" but - duh, of course it is... When you think about it in almost any use of the internet, you are either reading or writting - even it's just "facebook". What a great way to look at it - howvere i still feel that as a teacher you should strive to get your students to want to pick up a book. Great article and thanks for giving me a different way of looking blogging. (guess I should have figured that one out by now...)